6 innovative ways of using a cable tie in India

Thanks to the name, it is often assumed that cable ties are only used for, well – tying cables! But this is not true, here is our list of 6 innovative ways in which you can use a cable tie, especially in a country like India!

  1.  Holding hubcaps (wheel caps) in place
    • This is a very common problem in our country! Our car and bike wheels’ plastic covers are constantly getting cracked or broken because of our pot holed filled roads. But once bound by a cable tie to the wheel, the covers never fall off. Simple!
  2.  Anti bird net installations
    • Do you stay in a high-rise building with pigeons constantly making your balcony their own? Just buy a net, and use cable ties to bind it to the walls on all sides!
  3.  Temporarily closing cabinets
    • A cable tie is a simple yet effective way of temporarily closing a cabinet. For example, if you want to keep valuables away from the reach of children, you could just place the items inside a cabinet and secure it with a cable tie.
  4.  Securing travel bags
    • We Indians are known for our love of travelling light, right? Wrong! And the perfect way to secure our overloaded bags, even those without an in-built lock, is to simply run a cable tie through the 2 zippers. Presto!
  5.  Gardening
    • Ok we admit, not many of us city folk have real “gardens” in the first place, but even in our little home planters and flowering pots, cable ties are a very effective, cheap and colourful way of holding up plants that need to stay upright to grow well.
  6.  Secure your packages
    • Double the safety on your parcels buy tying long cable ties around them. Exactly the same way we use tape. This ensures better safety and is especially useful when you want to prevent food items from mysteriously going “missing” in transit!

Have better ideas? Please do share them with us in the comments section!


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